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FFS 45 - 450mm Square Bag Filter Cassette with F5 bag filter included. Max DP = 200Pa

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Filter cassette for square ducts
Product Code: 5080

Dual purpose fans: normal ventilation plus smoke and heat extract

• 400°C/120 min (F400)

• Continuous operation up to 120°C media

• Casing made of zinc-magnesium coated steel (ZM)

• Backward curved impeller made from pre-galvanized steel or from steel and galvanized

• Motor outside the air stream

• Single speed IE3 motor

• PTC serial built-in motor

• Certified according EN 12101-3 by BSI

• Installation possible in all positions, flange connection 30 mm

• Installation outside building or inside building, outside fire zone in well ventilated rooms

BKF smoke and heat extract fans are used in case of fire to extract smoke gases and also during normal working conditions for standard ventilation. Smoke free escape routes assist egress and provide clear access points for fire departments. Extracting poisonous and hot gases also make fire extinguishing easier and reduce the damage on the building. Applications: malls, garages, warehouses, kitchen exhaust...

Generally suitable for ambient temperature -20 to + 40°C (depending on specific motor load the permissible ambient temperature may be increased - on request)

For speed control of single speed motors use combination of frequency converter and appropriateFilter to motor side (sine or du/dt), respectively observe instructions. Not suitable for voltage control. Working points within blue area of diagrams of single speed fans can be achieved with frequency converter. Tested to 400°C/2h together with frequency converter. However, we recommend bridging of frequency converter in case of fire to eliminate possible risk of malfunction of frequency converter. In case of fire all motor protective devices and thermal protections in frequency converter must be bridged or disabled to guarantee functional capability. When choosing AES control accessory please observe serial connecting capability of the motor (instructions).

Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery This item is usually stocked overseas and takes about 2-3 weeks to deliver. If in UK deliverable in 3-4 days. Enquire on 01729 824108
Brand Systemair
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty
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