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When it comes to sourcing industrial evaporative coolers, there is quite a lot of choice.  And there is now a little bit more choice.

The Metmann AD series of Industrial Evaporative Coolers

The Metmann AD series of Industrial Evaporative Coolers
in Europe the leading manufacturer of evaporative coolers is Metmann and we have been supplying Metmann industrial evaporative coolers including the AD range for a number of years. They have always provided a huge spread of 'installed' evaporative cooler capacities from about 5500m3/hr, right up to about 63000m3/hr. They share a common construction of top moulding and base moulding, with separate corner pillars held between top and base. This forms the outer construction. Inside this outer construction are the internal components of fan, pump and valves etc.  So much for the AD range of industrial evaporative coolers...
Master BCF range industrial evaporative coolers are constructed of UV resistant moulded plastic casings

But there is another way to supply evaporative cooling as the Master BCF industrial evaporative coolers demonstrate. With an all plastic moulded construction to contain the evaporative cooling pads and internals, it looks very different to the Metmann AD range. The theory is that if, say, you need say 78000m3/hr of cool supply air then divide it by the maximum flow from a BFC unit, 18000m3/hr and round up the number. In this simple example you would need five Master BCF industrial evaporative coolers to achieve the requirement.

One Size Fits All Industrial Evaporative Coolers

The inevitable conclusion is that the Master BCF range is not so much a range of evaporative coolers but a building block in a 'one size fits all' approach to evaporative cooling. This is all very well, but it only works if the 'building blocks', the BCF, is a particularly cost-effective unit (which it is), and if the application can stand numerous little evaporative coolers instead of perhaps fewer large ones. 

Master BCF industrial evaporative cooler featuresAssuming that costs are OK and that the Master BCF is right for the application, then what of the evaporative cooler itself?  With a moulded plastic casing, it looks identical to all the other models of this type by other manufacturers, which is no bad thing - it at least follows a proven concept. On each of the 4 sides there is a removable inlet screen with the Celdec evaporative cooler pad behind. The removal of a side or two provides good access to the internals, where the heart of the matter is the fan.

Traditionally the standard axial fan on this variety of industrial evaporative cooler was the weak link that limited their application to the shortest possible duct and diffuser arrangements. However the Master BCF range of industrial evaporative coolers includes versions that have a radial fan instead of an axial fan. The radial fan versions have 300 Pa of pressure capability at their performance point, which represents an additional 100Pa over the axial version. This extra 100Pa of pressure means that the radial version can push air along an extra 54m of straight duct making them a bit more useful for getting the cooled air to where it is needed inside the building.

Industrial Evaporative Coolers Any Which Way

Although the radial fan version of the cooler is available only as a base discharge unit, the axial versions are available as a base discharge, top discharge and a side discharge. As always with this type of evaporative cooler the side discharge unit actually sacrifices some cooling performance by using one of the 4 available sides for the fan. For this reason top or base discharge evaporative coolers are always preferable to side discharge machines.





Master BCF 230RB 231RB evaporative cooler installationMaster BCF 230RB 231RB evaporative cooler installatoin

 Typical base discharge installations

Master BCF 230AU 231AU evaporative cooler installationMaster BCF 230AU 231AU evaporative cooler installation 1
 Typical top discharge installations


Control For One And Control For All

But a useful feature on the Master BCF range is that the machines come with a couple of control variants.

The BCF 230 industrial evaporative coolers come complete with dedicated remote controllers. Each BCF 230 comes with a remote wall mountable LCD control and lead as well as an infrared remote control. For simple applications with a small quantity of coolers the BCF 230 is the most economical solution. It enables the user a neat remote control unit, from which you can preset temperature and humidity thresholds and fan speed then let the evaporative cooler do the rest.

If however the application requires several coolers and, or perhaps you need to be able to control them through a single control linked with an internet interface for control via a computer or smart phone, then the BCF 231 is the machine to get. The BCF 231 is more expensive but it enables up to 31 evaporative coolers to be connected to a single controller, the SM 4.0. Using the controller each of the connected evaporative coolers can be individually controlled and preset.





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