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Covid Safe Ventilation Calculator

Welcome to Puravent’s Covid Safe Ventilation Calculator, part of our extensive range of Number Crunchers that we have created to make sure you have all of the information you need to make the right decision when browsing our website.

This calculator is to be used by anyone who is looking to ensure the safe ventilation of a workspace or environment, particularly offices and close confined storage facilities, but also classrooms, halls and function rooms; anywhere that people congregate.

By taking the length, width and height of the room, along with the air flow rate and the required efficiency of removal that you need, we are able to provide you with the following results:

  • Room volume in m3
  • Removal efficiency requirement in %
  • Removal efficiency as log
  • Air change rate in ac/hr
  • Time to achieve target efficiency in minutes

You can then use these results to consider how you can go about ventilating your environment. At Puravent we offer a wide variety of ventilation products, to browse our full range simply click the link and use the filter systems to access what you need or contact us directly if you require more information or guidance.

Why are these results important?

It’s more important than ever to ensure that environments are safe and secure for those who are using them. Covid safety is important, particularly in workspace environments, and there are ventilation systems to help ensure that this is deployed.