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Heating Power Calculator

Welcome to Puravent’s Heating Power Calculator, part of our extensive range of Number Crunchers. Our Number Crunchers give Puravent website users a helping hand and provide them with the information they need to make an informed decision when buying our products.

Here we have our Heating Power Calculator, which does exactly as the name suggests. You can use this tool to calculate the amount of heat that is produced by a heater.

By taking the airflow through the heater (m3/hr), and the air temperature when entering and leaving the heater, we are able to provide you with the differential temperature and the heat produced by the heater, given to you in kw.

This is a great tool when used as a first step in diagnosing heater problems. If you know the specification temperature of the heaters, using the heating power calculator you can then compare the specification value with the actual value.

It is also very useful when a heating system is due to be replaced because even when the labels and paperwork for the old system are lost you can still deduce how much heat it produces and therefore be better informed about the heating power required in your new system.

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Why are these results important?

It’s important to understand how much heating power you stand to receive from a heater, based on the performance it is giving you. It helps you to understand whether your heating system is underperforming and in need of an upgrade.