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Turnbull & Scott

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Turnbull & Scott specialises in the design and manufacture of industrial heat transfer and commercial-industrial space heating solutions.

With over 80 years of experience in the industry, the UK-based company has become a market leader in the heat exchange field, boasting a high-quality and robust range of products which serve the industrial and commercial sectors.

To ensure the highest standards of quality, their products and processes undergo stringent quality control, as is accredited by their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Learn more about the Turnbull & Scott product ranges below.

Commercial & Industrial Heaters

Turnbull & Scott’s extensive range of commercial & industrial heaters spans a wide range of configurations - from space heating and unit heaters to air curtains and over door heaters.

Their robust range of heating products are suitable for an array of different applications including factories and warehouses, retail spaces, processing plants and many more.

Industrial unit heaters

The industrial unit heater range from Turnbull & Scott offers a variety of electric, LPHW and steam-fed heaters.

Their powerful heavy-duty electric heating units are ideal for heating large spaces such as warehouses and factories. With three sizes available, they offer heat outputs ranging from 3kW-30kW and can be mounted horizontally or vertically with adjustable louvres for optimal airflow.

After acquiring the world-renowned Thermolier unit heater business in 1991, Turnbull & Scott also offers their range of highly robust steam-fed industrial unit heaters with a choice of either single phase or 3 phase ATEX rated motors. These steam fed heaters utilise steam condensation heat exchange technology to offer a cost-effective solution for heating large areas exceptionally fast.

Thermoiler unit heaters are built to withstand the harshest of environments and are capable of operating under extreme temperatures. Power outputs range from 12.7kW to 88.2kW.

thermolier steam fed unit heater

Finned tube heating

Turnbull & Scott are renowned for their innovative manufacturing of finned & gilled tube heating solutions used in both industrial and commercial applications.

Sleek and stylish in design, their finned tube radiators pay particular attention to aesthetics and finer details. Ideal for spaces where interior design is key, they offer a modern and versatile solution for connecting to a hot water boiler heating system in a way that is subtle yet provides powerful heat output. Finned tube heaters are a design classic offering an aesthetic heating solution that looks amazing in any indoor environment, traditional or modern.

turnbull & scott finned tube radiator

Purchasing from Puravent

As a principle UK distributor, Puravent can supply Turnbull & Scott’s catalogue of heating products and accessories. Specialists in the HVAC industry, our team can help to source the most suitable solution to meet your requirements. Simply get in touch with us to make an enquiry.