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Air Mixing Calculator

Welcome to Puravent’s Mixed Air Calculator, part of an extensive range of Number Crunchers that we have developed to ensure that our website provides the appropriate guidance when it comes to the mathematics behind what we do.

Sometimes we may find that one ducted airflow is of one volume and temperature, whilst another ducted airflow will be of another flow and temperature. The question is, what will the result flow and temperature be if these flows are joined together?

This is where our mixed air calculator helps.

This calculator is perfect for anyone who is looking to understand the resulting changes once different airflows combine. By taking the two respective air flows and temperatures we are able to provide you with a combined air flow and temperature, given in m3/hr and °C respectively. You can then use these results to understand the combined air state and what this might mean for the environment it runs into.

Why are these results important?

This calculator can be helpful as part of wider problem solving to do with flows and their treatment. For example - some air cleaners and air purifiers have limitations to the temperature of the airflow that they can handle because of decreasing performance or perhaps even mechanical damage.

If we have to introduce some cooler 'bleed air' to bring the resulting air flow into the acceptable envelope of the machine, this mixed air calculator helps us determine how much bleed air we need.