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Dehumidifier Capacity Calculator

Welcome to Puravent’s Dehumidifier Capacity Calculator, it’s just one in an extensive range of Number Crunchers that we have put together to help users get the information they need when browsing our products.

Of course, this one relates directly to dehumidifiers. We have built a calculator that helps you understand the amount of moisture that a dehumidifier will need to be able to remove within a 24 hour period.

By taking the room length, width and height, along with establishing your objective from the dropdown options available, we are able to provide you with the volume of your room in m3, and the rate of removal needed in litres/24hrs.

You can then use these results to help you in your pursuit of a dehumidifier that you know will work effectively. Without this information, you may purchase a dehumidifier that does not have enough capacity to dry your environment effectively.

This tool is a fairly basic tool and for some applications such as those that are cold or where the application is a ‘total loss’ rather than ‘recirculation’, it is better to seek more technical help from us.

To browse our full range of dehumidifiers simply click the link and use the filter systems to access what you need, or contact us directly.

Why are these results important?

There is an abundant variety of dehumidifiers on the market, each with their own capacities for dehumidification. This means that different products are optimised for different environments, particularly when it comes to room volume. It’s vital that you understand the capacity you need for your space before purchasing and installing a dehumidifier.