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Air Conditioning Calculator

Welcome to Puravent’s Air Conditioning Calculator, part of our extensive range of Number Crunchers developed to offer support to our customers when they’re dealing with the tricky mathematics that come with our products.

This air conditioning calculator is to work out how much cooling capacity you will need for your application. Although the dimensions of the room are important, the room’s features and if it has south facing windows are also critical.

The description of the features is not exhaustive, and if you know that something makes your room particularly warm that is not in the list then it is better to assume it should be in the list and choose the appropriate heat load. Better to find an air conditioner that has a bit more capacity than you need than one that does not have enough.

By taking the room length & width, ceiling height, heat load and determining whether you have south facing windows, we are able to provide you with your room volume and the cooling capacity that your air conditioning units will need. This information is provided to you in BTU and kw.

You can then use these results to make an informed air conditioning purchase. To browse our full range of air conditioners simply click the link and use the filter systems to access what you need, or contact us directly.

Why are these results important?

It’s critical that you understand what capacity is required from the air conditioning unit you are looking to purchase. If you under budget on capacity then the room will not be kept as cool as you require, even if the unit is running on maximum capacity.