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Systemair is one of the largest manufacturers of ventilation, heating and cooling products in the world, with global operations spanning 54 countries throughout all seven continents.

Systemair’s extensive range of HVAC products includes various types of industrial fans, air conditioners, heat recovery ventilation units and a catalogue of heating products.

The key feature of Systemair’s product range is compatibility. Designed to meet the requirements of various applications - from commercial and industrial to residential - their products come with an array of compatible options to meet the required specifications.

Learn more about Systemair’s product ranges below.

Systemair Heating

The heating range from Systemair covers a line of products for industrial and commercial applications, including air curtains, radiant heaters and fan heaters

Designed with reliability and energy efficiency at the forefront, Systemair’s heating range operates with the lowest possible energy consumption whilst working effectively to heat inside a room or building.

Available in various sizes, fittings and configurations to suit your application. Browse Systemair’s heating products here.

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Systemair Air Conditioning

Systemair’s vast range of air conditioning products has an array of products suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

From multi-split units and floor/ceiling air conditioners, to heat pumps and air-cooled & water-cooled chillers, their product catalogue is expansive with high levels of customisation options available.

Browse Systemair air conditioners here.

Systemair Fans

Systemair boasts an extensive line of fans, for use in both large heavy-duty industrial applications and smaller commercial spaces.

Their product range includes various options of roof fans to extract air from buildings, axial fans for smoke extraction and ventilation, and inline duct fans of both the circular and rectangular types.

As with all Systemair HVAC products, a range of sizes, fittings and accessories are available for their fans to suit the application. Browse Systemair fans here.

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Systemair Heat Recovery & Air Handling

Systemair offers a wide range of heat recovery and air handling units for both residential and commercial premises.

Their heat recovery units are capable of delivering energy-efficient heating and clean, fresh air supply to smaller spaces where air quality and temperature control are key. Their air handling units can be configured with advanced control options and include a range of sizes and designs to cater to the demands of both large industrial buildings and smaller, compact spaces.

Browse Systemair heat recovery & air handling units here.

Purchasing from Puravent

Puravent can supply a large range of Systemair HVAC equipment, with effective logistics operations to get it shipped to you in a timely manner.

Whilst a large portion of the Systemair range can be browsed on our website here, we also have access to thousands more products with the ability to buy in isolation or to ‘solution build’ in order to meet the requirements of various applications. Get in touch with us to enquire.