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3 Phase Power Calculator

Welcome to Puravent’s 3 Phase Power Calculator, part of our extensive range of Number Crunchers created to help our customers and the wider public access answers to technical equations without the need for mathematical calculations.

This calculator in particular is ideal for anyone that has a machine that uses 3 phase power for which you need to know the wattage consumed. If you can provide us with the voltage and maximum amperage of the machine you are analysing, our handy calculator will be able to return a maximum power consumption to you, measured in both watts and kw.

Not what you’re looking for? You may require our 3 Phase Current Calculator, which you can find by simply clicking the link.

Why are these results important?

If your machine uses a three-phase electric power system then it is important to understand the maximum power consumption of the machine, so that you are informed as to its limits and capabilities when running it to its maximum capacity.