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Dustcontrol has over 50 years of experience in developing solutions that promote healthier, safer and cleaner work environments.

Their products are innovatively designed and developed through gaining a deep-level understanding of how the presence of dust and other contaminants impact the health and productivity of workers in the industrial and construction sectors.

Their first venture into manufacturing effective air cleaning solutions began with their safe asbestos removal method back in 1977. Fast forward to 2022, and they are now a global leading manufacturer of mobile dust extractors and stationary central vacuum systems.

The Swedish company has a presence in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, USA and Finland, distributing their products worldwide.

Learn more about Dustcontrol’s product range below.

Dustcontrol Mobile Air Cleaners

DC AirCube is Dustcontrol’s high-efficiency range of mobile air cleaners designed to minimise airborne dust and hazardous particles in working environments.

The units work by circulating the air through a HEPA H13 filter and are capable of separating dust and particles down to 0.3 microns, accompanied by a simpler pre-filter to capture larger particles.

The DC AirCube range can filter bacteria, viruses, pollen and dust to clean the air in any environment and reduce the risk of respiratory problems presented by such contaminants. Ideal for use in any industrial, commercial or healthcare setting whereby the risks of airborne bacteria are greater.

The DC AirCube range is available in three models.

DC AirCube 500

The DC AirCube 500 is a compact and highly robust mobile air cleaner which can generate an airflow of 500m3/hr with power consumption options of 110v and 230v.

Damage resistant and easy to use, the unit is made with stainless steel sheet metal and comes equipped with two speed settings to adjust for economical operation.

DC AirCube 500 mobile air cleaner

DC AirCube 1200

The DC Aircube 1200 is a larger model with an in-built ECO-fan for less energy consumption and a lower sound level. Ideal for larger rooms, this unit can clean air up to 1100 m3/h and is equipped with a filter indication lamp.

DC AirCube 1200 mobile air cleaner

DC AirCube 2000

The DC AirCube 2000 is the largest and most powerful mobile air cleaner available from Dustcontrol, with the ability to clean air up to 1800m3/h.

All models in the AirCube range are ergonomically designed for ease of transportation and can be connected to an exhaust hose to create negative pressure in a sealed room without a reduction in performance.

DC AirCube 2000 mobile air cleaner

Purchasing from Puravent

Puravent distributes the Dustcontrol AirCube products, along with a range of HEPA filter and prefilter spares. Should you require any assistance, we can source the most suitable solution to meet your exact specifications. Simply get in touch with us to make an enquiry.