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In short... Unico air conditioner is the benchmark in the wall mounted market

With window air conditioners becoming a product consigned to air conditioning history, it is useful to be able to offer a range of monoblock air conditioners that can be fitted to meet smaller building cooling requirements. The Unico air conditioner range sets the standard for wall mounted monoblock air conditioners, and with two through the wall ducts connecting the rear of the air conditioner to the outside world they make not only a far neater solution for single room cooling, but are also far easier to fit than split units which invariably require a refrigeration engineer, pipes and an external condenser. Wall mounted air conditioners are easy to install and can typically be fitted from the room side, without needing to access the outside. The lack of external condenser make them very unobtrusive from the outside and less likely to upset the local planning department, which is useful if your property is in a conservation area.

Unico. An attractive air conditioner on the inside

Unico air conditioner. Attractive on the inside

Unico. An unobtrusive air conditioner on the outside

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