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About Us

We provide products and systems for air purification, dehumidification, ventilation, heating and cooling. 

Processing Orders

Whilst our system may have the capability of sending loads of automated emails when you place an order, we purposely don’t use that functionality. If you place an order with us on-line, you will receive a simple automated email acknowledging the order. The subsequent processing of the order is a ‘human process’. You can expect us to get in touch, send you a VAT invoice, and provide an anticipated delivery date.

Although many of the products that you see on our website are sold as advertised, there are occasions where we work with manufacturers to make a standard product adapted to a particular application or indeed we may offer a special which needs to be designed and manufactured from scratch.

Importing and Exporting

Although most of our business is conducted within the UK, it is not a rule. We have exported to many countries in both northern and southern hemispheres, and particularly to middle eastern countries. Occasionally the scale of an order necessitates the production of product specifically to meet that order, and that can mean using specialist manufacturers in either the UK or overseas. It has also been known for our orders to be made in one country and to shipped directly to another, without landing in the UK.


We are often asked if we do installation. Not often is the general answer, however, there are instances where we arrange the installation of a system. We don't install products ourselves, but do however use qualified installation people to install on our behalf. This is particularly the case for industrial air purification systems, air conditioning systems and some oil and gas fired heating systems. If a system requires specialist design and installation and is not just a 'plug in product', and it cannot be readily installed by say a refrigeration engineer or electrician local to the customer, then we may offer to not only sell the equipment but to treat it as a project management job, where we coordinate the design, any specialist fabrication and installation.


We started business in 2003 and in the early days imported pollen filters for vehicles. We moved from pollen filters to air cleaning to heating. Now the pollen filter days are behind us and our operation is focused purely air treatment products aimed at the commercial and industrial markets.


Although we strive to ensure that the orders for standard products are properly fulfilled, we are also happy to help customers select the most suitable products for their application and are delighted when asked to help with the more 'off the wall' applications. Where other companies might shrug their shoulders and move onto the next easy £, we rise to the challenge.

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