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Mobile Evaporative Cooler Calculator

Welcome to Puravent’s Mobile Evaporative Cooler Calculator Calculator, part of our extensive range of Number Crunchers designed to offer guidance and support to customers who aren’t quite sure what products they need.

This calculator is ideal for anyone who is looking to purchase a mobile evaporative cooler.

By taking measurements for the size of your room, along with air temperature and humidity, we are able to provide you with an airflow range which you should be looking for in a mobile evaporative cooler.

You can then use these results to find the most suitable mobile evaporative cooler for your application.

To browse our full range of mobile evaporative coolers simply click the link and use the filter systems to access what you need, or contact us directly.

Why are these results important?

When looking to reduce the temperature of your room or building to a more comfortable range, it’s important to choose a system which will provide sufficient cooling according to the size and conditions of the area.