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Specific Fan Power (SFP) Calculator

Welcome to Puravent’s Space Heater Calculator, part of our extensive range of Number Crunchers designed to offer guidance and provide an informed estimation on the most suitable products for your individual requirements.

This calculator is ideal for those looking to invest in a heating system for any industrial or commercial premises. Our BTU calculator for space heaters will determine the heat requirements for your room or building.

By taking the length and width measurements of your room, alongside your desired temperature, we are able to provide you with the required heating power, in both BTU and kw, to adequately heat the area depending on how well insulated it currently is. You will notice a very large variance between the different levels of insulation. If your building doesn't quite match the described options then use a value between the two nearest options.

You can then use these results to select a heater which will provide a sufficient heat output suitable for your requirements.

To browse our full range of heaters simply click the link and use the filter systems to access what you need, or contact us directly.

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