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Met Mann

Met Mann

Met Mann

In short...The most versitile range of stationary evaporative coolers

Met Mann are an authority on evaporative cooling and the manufacture of evaporative coolers. Based in Spain where there is a more established need and market for evaporative coolers, Met Mann have a formidable reputation. Their speciality is in making externally installed evaporative coolers that are used for cooling fresh air that is ducted into large buildings to displace warm air. With a range models with nine different airflow capacities from 5000m3/hr to 630000m3/hr, and numerous options for materials, controls, mounting stands, ducting and diffusers,  it is reasonably straight forward for Puravent to specify and supply a comprehensive kit comprising of all these elements, as required, to suit specific applications. Range includes;

  • AD SMALL stationary evaporative coolers
  • AD BIG stationary evaporative coolers
  • FRESC MANN industrial mobile evaporative coolers
  • DESIGN commercial mobile evaporative coolers
  • MM oil fired and gas fired cabinet heaters
  • GS oil fired and gas fired wall mounted cabinet heaters 
  • MM-H/ W/ CP oil fired and gas fired process heaters 
  • TEC oil fired and gas fired ducted temperature lift modules
  • K gas fired suspended unit heaters 
  • BIOMANN industrial biomass pellet fired heater
  • ECOPOL industrial biomass heater

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