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In short... The original and still the best electrostatic air cleaners

  Trion was the company that developed electrostatic air cleaning from a theory into a world class range of industrial and commercial air cleaning products several decades ago. Since then the range has been developed and perfected. With excellent in-room air cleaners including the Series 60 and the series 120, superb stand alone and ducted air cleaners in the T series range, and with air cleaners suited to piped air flows from machines and processes, Trion is head and shoulders above equivalent manufacturers in these markets. Moreover their long history and long records ensure that spare parts for the majority of the Trion units currently in use can be identified and supplied.   Their ranges include;

  • T series ducted electrostatic air cleaners
  • Series 60 and Series 120 ceiling mounted electrostatic air cleaners
  • Imp38 pipe connected electrostatic mist eliminators
  • HE series duct mounted electrostatic air cleaners
  • EFB series duct mounted and AHU mounted electrostatic air cleaners
  • Mini ME and VOMP oil mist eliminators

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