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IL12-G1 12" coil cleaner


• One Lamp, length 12"
• One single multi-voltage ballast box
• BMS dry contacts.

Product Code: IL12-G1

The patented Sanuvox Coil-Clean IL purifiers are designed to prevent and destroy mould and other microbial contaminants from rooftop coils, fan coils, walk-in A/C coils and the air. High-Intensity 19 mm Quartz UVC (254 nm) Lamps and High-Output Electronic Ballasts paired with Anodized Aluminum Parabolic Reflectors make the Coil-Clean IL Series incredibly effective.

Anodized aluminum parabolic reflectors are able to direct virtually all the UV energy onto the coil or other object. In addition to maximizing UV intensity, the parabolic reflector also protects plastics and wiring from destructive UV rays. How powerful would a torch or headlight be without a parabolic reflector U V Light is no different. Reflection is necessary in order to direct the UVC energy where it is required. Using any other UV Lamp/Emitter will result in losing more than half the UV intensity produced by the Lamp/Emitter.

Although mainly for cooling coils in air handling units (AHU) the IL series of UV lamps and reflectors are equally usefull components in any object purification application and can for instance be used for sterilising food products prior to packaging

The Sanuvox Coil Clean IL is not really a product on its own but more of a system which we put together from the Sanuvox components in order to make an array of UV lamps and reflectors complete with ballast and controls. The lamps and reflectors are available in a number of lengths, including 12", 18", 24", 30", 40", 50", and 60" and it is based on the most suitable length components that we design a system and make a proposal that is bespoke to your application. If you would like help on a coil cleaner or other object purification/ sterilisation application then please call us on 0845 688 0112.

Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Dependant on stock availability. Check with us before ordering
Brand Sanuvox
Warranty Ballast - 15 years, Lamp - 2 years, Electronics - 1 year
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