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Trotec TTW 45000 stackable wind machine fan - 45,600m?/h

Trotec TTW 45000 stackable wind machine fan - 45,600m?/h
Product Code: TTW 45000

You always know where the wind s blowing from with the mobile fans in the TTW series. And if it s high air circulation and ventilation capacities you re looking for you won t find a better match than these highly-flexible wind machines that are especially well-suited to a whole host of ­individual situations and applications both indoors and out. The wind machines in the TTW series are ideal for both commercial and industrial use. There is no end to the number of possible applications: they can be used for traverse ventilation, for example, or to cool machines as well as for cooling rooms.

TTW wind machines are the ideal solution for commercial enterprises when it comes to transporting high capacities of air there where it is needed most. TTW machines are simply a must for film and photo shoots and indispensable at events where effect ventilation is what you need. The machines are so versatile that they can replicate a mild, mid-summer breeze in a photo studio, or be used to whip up winds for a raging storm on a film set or in a boat show display arena. Multiple units can be stacked together to create a 'wind wall' to provide a wide area wind for sailing displays, film sets or wind tunnels – when it comes to creating wind, the TTW series has just the right wind machine to match your needs.


Dimensions L x W x H 1,395 x 720 x 1,625 mm
Power input 1.5 kW
Protection CEE 16 amp
Discharge distance 138 m
Input voltage 400v/50Hz (2.8 A)
Transport medium temperature max. 40 °C
Air flow rate 45,600 m?/h
Sound level (distance 3 m)) 65 dB (A)
Air pressure max. 70 Pa
Air discharge speed 9.6 m/s
Weight approx. 88 kg
Air current blow out
Plug CEE 16 A, 5-pin
Mobility wheelable / stackable
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Dependant on stock availability. Check with us before ordering
Brand Trotec
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty