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Trotec TTW 25000 S


• Air circulation up to 27,600m³/h
• 230V
• Dimension: 1,060L x 525W x 1,140H mm
• Weight: 44kg

Product Code: TTW 25000 S

For all ventilation tasks in production environments, agriculture or storage areas, where high air exchange rates should be realizable even with little investment, the wind machine TTW 25000 S is an optimal choice.

Due to the two-stage controllable air capacity of up to 27,600 m³/h, the required air change rates can be achieved with this robust drum fan even in large rooms or halls.

The galvanized steel housing is easy to transport thanks to its mobile frame and carries an inclinable fan drum for variable alignment of the wind machine to a vertical flow position. In this way, the air flow can be directed specifically even to high wall or ceiling areas, which also makes the TTW 25000 S wind machine a flexible solution for effect ventilation for stage, film and photo sets.

Advantages for the practice:

  • Budget-friendly option for semi-professional ventilation applications.
  • Air circulation capacity up to 27,600 m³/h
  • Plug-in unit with easy handling
  • Adjustable inclination angle of the flow direction from horizontal to vertical position
  • Flexible change of location due to trolley design

Here are some technical data of the TTW 25000 S:

  • Air volume stage 1: 21,000 m³/h
  • Air volume stage 2: 27.600 m³/h
  • Rotor speed max.: 685 min-¹
  • Power stage 1: 0,52 kW
  • Power stage 2: 0,65 kW
  • Sound level stage 1: 65 dB (A)
  • Sound level stage 2: 75 dB (A)
  • Air flow: blowing
  • blower stages: 2
  • Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz (2.9 A)
  • Power consumption max.: 0,65 kW
  • Power connection: CEE 7/7
  • fuse protection: 16 A
  • Mobility: mobile
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 1,060 x 525 x H 1,140 mm
  • Weight: 44 kg
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Dependant on stock availability. Check with us before ordering
Brand Trotec
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty