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TFFC 200 is a circular supply air valve for ceiling installation, 150mm diameter, RAL9010

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TFFC 200 is a circular supply air valve for ceiling installation, 150mm diameter, RAL9010
Product Code: 2459


The TFFC is a circular supplyair valvefor ceiling installation. The TFFC consists of a outlet framecone and central diffuser deflector. The supply air valves are widely used in low volume fresh air or conditioned air supply to small to medium rooms.

By rotating the central diffuser assembly, the throw and pressure drop can be adjusted steplessly. Center diffuserassembly can be locked in place once the ideal performance is achieved.


The TFFC is manufactured from sheet steel powder coated to whiteRAL-9016.

Available in the following diameters:Ø80,Ø100,Ø125,Ø150,Ø160 andØ200.

With each air valve a mounting ring is supplied as standard.


It is reccomended that the TFFC to be used only for supply air, if used in Extract air application, the performance data will no longer be valid and pressurelosses will be much higher than anticipated.


The TFFC isdesigned to fit directly intothe mounting frame it is provided with. The mounting framehas internal groves to provide easy installation on site by 1/4 turn of the air valve into the mounting ring.

The mounting frame or directly onto the rigid duct or false ceiling then and connected to the flexible ducting.

Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery This item is usually stocked overseas and takes about 2-3 weeks to deliver. If in UK deliverable in 3-4 days. Enquire on 01729 824108
Brand Systemair
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty
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