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Sealey AB1258 36.6kw Direct Diesel Fired Heater

£503.48 ( £604.18 incl. tax)
36.6kw Direct Diesel Fired Heater125,000Btu/hr (36.6kW) Heat output. Clean burning. Proven pump system can operate with either paraffin, kerosene or diesel with only minor adjustment of air compressor.
Product Code: AB1258
?125,000Btu/hr(36.6kW) Heat output. ?Clean burning. ?Fitted with thermostat and digital room temperature display both given in ?C. ?Proven pump system can operate with either paraffin, kerosene or diesel. ?Fitted with safety cut-out. ?Complies with rigorous standards. ?Sealey Advantages ?PARAFFIN/KEROSENE OR DIESEL?- The Sealey AB heaters will operate on either. ?CLEAN BURNING - A more thorough burn of fuel which means greater fuel economy and maximum heating effect. ?FILTER PROTECTION - The compressor unit is protected by extra-large filter. ?LARGE FUEL TANK - The AB Series heaters will operate for between 8 and 14 hours on a single fill of fuel. ?SAFETY FEATURES - Fitted with a flame-out device which cuts the fuel supply when the flame is inadvertently extinguished. ?QUALITY - Manufactured to comply with the rigorous standards. ?AFTER SALES SERVICE - The best in the business. Full spares back-up for all models.
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Normally 2 - 3 working days. Expect within 5 working days of order
Brand Sealey
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty
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