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Cyclone-26 Pedestal Misting Fan

£679.00 £814.80

• Free standing misting fan
• 13200 m3/hr
• 26" fan blade
• Mist water flow: 5 l/hr max

Product Code: MFS-26

A brilliantmobile misting fan for use on warmer days. An ingenious and amazing new product. Cools by passing water over the air creating a cooling sensation. Small water particles evaporate rapidly absorbing heat (600?Calories of heat per gram of water). Very effective and a natural way to cool down process and people (environmentally friendly).

These mobile misting fans have an on board tankand when on and oscillating, they provide a fine cooling mist blown over an area of roughly 50m. Ideal applications include horticucltural, sports events, out door shows, events, festivals, equine and livestock.

  • Adjustable misting volume – large mist to tiny droplets
  • Easy maintenance – centrifugal mist system means no clogged nozzles & filtered water is not required
  • Multifunctional remote control: fan speed, mist volume, time
  • Thermal protection (low temperature rise)
  • Protective device means pump does not burn out if used without water
  • 90°oscillating angle adjustment
  • Safe guard protection, anti-rust
  • Rating: IP24


Speed(H/M/L) 1400/1250/1100rpm
MaxMistingVolume 5l/h
TankCapacity&Usage 23L-5to10hoursusagepertank
Voltage 220V
AirflowVolume(H/M/L) 13200/10440/8580m3/hr
SoundLevel(H/M/L) 68/60/55dBA
ProductDimensions(WxHxD) 678x1930x435mm
ProductWeight 35.4kg
BoxedWeight 40.8kg

Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Normally 2 - 3 working days. Expect within 5 working days of order
Brand GIS
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty