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Biowall MAX In-duct UV air purifier: 5 X 40"


• 5 x 40" high intensity UV lamps
• Parabolic reflectors.
• 10ft flexible metal conduit
• 120/240V with BMS dry contacts.
• UVC only or UVC/UVV variants.

Product Code: BIOM40G/GX

Puravent are the Sanuvox distributor for the UK market.

Biowall is a specified product range. This means that the size, number and arrangement of Biowall is specified to suit each application using Sanuvox mathcad modelling program.

This mathcad modelling process requires;

  • Airflow
  • Temperature
  • Duct size
  • Duct material
  • Specific target contaminants.

Only with this level of information can we calculate and accurately state the efficiency of an induct Udeg C/ UVV unitin your application against your target micro organism challange (e.g. covid-19, H5N1 Flu, Tuberculosis bacilli…etc.) for first pass and for successive passes over the Biowall installation.

This specification process means that each Biowall has mathematically demonstrable efficiency that is unique to its application.


The UV Bio-Wall provides a “barrier wall” of UV Energy destroying biological and chemical contaminants passing through it. Each Bio-Wall has 5 High Intensity 19mm Pure Fused Quartz Lamps, which are mounted to Aluminium Anodized Parabolic Reflectors that reflect the full 360° of Germicidal Radiation. The Bio-Wall is mounted parallel to the air stream in order to maximize the contaminant s contact time with the UV Energy.

In addition to the lamp array the Bio-Wall is equipped with a ballast housing which is usually located on the outside of the duct adjacent to the Biowall array on the inside. The ballast box has contacts enabling connection to a BMS system for remote monitoring and switching.

As an alternative to BMS monitoring the ballast box can be connected via a RJ45 cable to the a 'BioSmart Screen'. This option enables the BioWall to to be monitored and controlled locally. The BioSmart screen can switch the operation of the lamps, show the running hours of each lamps and provide fault indication.

BioWalls come in 6 length options. 18", 24", 30" 40", 50" and 60". The number and length of Bio-Walls will depend on the size of the duct, the velocity of the air moving within the duct, the specific contaminants to be treated and the desired % kill.

A larger number of BioWalls equates to more UV intensity, and the length of the BioWalls equates to exposure time that air has to the UV zone as it passes through. It is the combination of UV intensity and its duration that determines the dose of the biological contaminants being transported in the air and the percentage efficiency of the deactivation of the contaminants.

  • Drastically improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Continuously treats the entire duct
  • Destroys up to 99.99% of biological & chemical contaminants on one pass (see options)
  • 5 High-Intensity Pure Fused 19mm Quartz UV Lamps (see options)
  • 5 Anodized Aluminium Parabolic Reflectors maximizes 360º of UV Energy
  • Smart ballast control and fault alarms
  • BMS connectivity
  • Tested by The EPA & The National Homeland Security Research Center achieving greater than 99.97% destruction on Biological Warfare Agents on one pass
  • CSA deg C/US Certified & CE Approved

Germicidal (G) option

This option is for the Biowall to be fitted with 5 UVC germicidal lamps, making the unit suitable for applications requiring 100% focus on destruction of airborne biological contaminants.

General air purification (GX) option

This installation uses the standard UV Bio-Wall. Designed for “all-around” chemical & odour control as well as drastic biological destruction. The UV Bio-Wall produces a UVC Germicidal wall destroying the biological contaminants passing through it. A small portion of one of the lamps will have UVV Oxidising glass which is used to destroy chemical contaminants and odours.

Elevated Chemical & Odour (EC) option

If the application requires a higher level of odour/chemical control,“Multi-Split” fixture(s) are installed upstream of the UV Bio-Wall(s). This perpendicular mounted UV Lamp produces elevated oxidation levels, and insures that all of the air moving in the duct will be treated. The distance between the “Multi-Split” Lamp and the UV Bio-Wall acts as a Reaction Chamber where the majority of chemicals and odours will be destroyed. Oxidation is used to destroy the chemicals at this point in the process. If there is residual ozone remaining after the oxidation process, as it comes in contact with the UV Bio-Wall, the Bio-Wall will then catalyze the residual ozone. In addition to catalyzing the residual ozone, the UV Bio-Wall will also destroy the biological contaminants in the air.

The size and configuration of Sanuvox Biowall is usually calculated using our specialist design software and is bespoke to the application. Please contact us for help in specifying the correct configuration.

The Biowall products can be supplied pre fitted to a ductwork section. Please ask us for pricing.


Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Dependant on stock availability. Check with us before ordering
Brand Sanuvox
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty
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