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Arcotherm GE105DV Direct Fired Oil Heater


• Rated Heat Power: 111.1Kw
• Tank Capacity: 105L
• Fuel Consumption: 8.85L/h
• Noise Level: 74dBA

Product Code: 02GE305-HS

Our range of GE Dual Voltage Direct Combustion Oil Fired Heaters are the perfect solution for heating well-ventilated areas on construction sites, warehouse yards, and agricultural areas to name but a few.

• Features Include
• Built in oil burner
• Geared fuel pump
• Electric control panel
• Combustion chamber manufactured from AISI 430 stainless steel
• Timed post ventilation to cool the combustion chamber
• Fuel tank manufactured from hydrocarbon resistant polytethyhene
• Fitted with bayonet type fuel cap and drain bung
• Heat efficiency 100%.

Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Normally 2 - 3 working days. Expect within 5 working days of order
Brand Arcotherm
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty
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