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Airius Designer 125EL/DS Designer destratification fan for ceilings 20 - 35m. 8,835m3/h

Airius Designer 125 Designer destratification fan for ceilings 20 - 35m. 8,835m3/h
Product Code: EX-D-125-EL-STD-200-277-W

The Airius designer destratification ceiling fans are the most efficient destratification products available and works alongside your existing HVAC system. Aesthetically elegant, easy to install, simple to maintain and economical to operate, Airius have designer models to accommodate most higher ceiling workplace temperature control, appropriate for ceiling heights from 8.5 to 38 meters and adaptable to changing floor plans. The designer Airius destratification ceiling fan is an extremely efficient turbine that is suspended just below ceiling height. Each ceiling fan takes in the hot ceiling air and transports it to the floor in a slow moving column of air to create a better working environment and reduce total energy consumption.

The ideal application for this unit includes:• Factories • Warehouses • Greenhouses • Theatres • Meeting Rooms • Exhibition halls • Leisure centres • Multiples • Supermarkets • Sports Halls • Retail outlets • Show rooms • Hospitals • Libraries


Ceiling Height 20 - 35m
Average Floor Coverage 223 - 334m2
Supply 230v single phase
power 400 w
weight 45.4kg
Diameter 69cm
Height 93.7cm
Noise 0 - 31dB(A) at floor level
airflow 8835 m3/hr
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Dependant on stock availability. Check with us before ordering
Brand Airius
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty
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