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Why Puravent?

The top 10 reasons to use Puravent;

  • We are not like the scores and scores of internet based merchants who sell similar products with sole focus on making a deal. You find out how shallow these other traders are when you ask them a technical application based question.
  • We welcome the chance to help you solve your heating, cooling or air purification problem whilst others just want you to ring through their on-line checkout.
  • Our customers typically come to us looking for a solution to a problem, whether it be how to heat a factory, cool a gym, remove oil droplets from a commercial kitchen exhaust or even reduce humidity in a timber drying store. The problems we solve are hugely varied, and because of this we maintain a close relationship with a number of specialist equipment importers and manufacturers, so that once we fully understand the application can recommend the most suitable solution. We lend our applications and product knowledge to your problem
  • We are neither manufacturers or one brand distributors. Because of this we don't doggedly flog one brand or one product only regardless of suitability or reliability. We offer the best from a wide spectrum of manufacturers.
  • The range of products we sell are the result of an evolution, based on our experience of supplying these products and similar ones. The poor products are soon weeded out so that they don't contaminate the range and our reputation.
  • Most of what we sell is not actually stocked by us, but by our suppliers, which means that we are not tied to sell only what we have in stock, regardless of its quality or lack of it. If we find that a product has reliability or performance issues, we have no hang ups in taking it off our range.
  • We like to be straight forward about issues such as warranty claims, cancelled orders and customer returns. Our suppliers share this commitment. It means that for customers there is the reassurance that if an order does not quite work out as intended, that at least the remedy will be as hassle free as possible.
  • Because we are more knowledge based than products based, we don't list everything that we sell. This means that although you might see a product on our website which you might think is right for solving your problem, we may well finish up recommending and supplying a product that is not actually listed on the website and far more suited than anything you might have considered.
  • If we don't have the right product to solve a problem or if both ourselves and our suppliers technical people are stumped by a problem, we will let you know. No point on keeping you hanging on a false hope.
  • In many cases we can arrange bespoke bespoke solutions. Some of our suppliers are bit more flexible than others, which means that if we need to get a 'special' designed and made its not a problem.

All this means that if you are looking for a solution to a heating, cooling or air purification problem and would like help and advice from a company without a particular 'axe to grind', then don't just browse our website and all the other websites out there ...

...give us a call or send us an enquiry.

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