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With a history dating back to 1947, Trion has become a market leader in air quality products. The company developed electrostatic air cleaning from a theory into a world-class range of industrial and commercial air cleaning products several decades ago.

Since then, their technologically advanced range of industrial air quality products has been developed and perfected to offer a full catalogue of top-level solutions to overcome the air quality challenges faced by numerous industries.

Learn more about Trion’s product ranges below.

Trion Air Cleaners

Trion is head and shoulders above equivalent manufacturers in the air cleaning market, manufacturing time-proven solutions that effectively eliminate harmful airborne contaminants generated from manufacturing processes in any industrial environment.

The purpose of air cleaners is to solve the issues created in particularly dusty environments by removing smoke, dust, fumes and coolant mists to improve air quality and reduce a number of challenges and risks posed in the workplace; including workers’ respiratory health, high cleaning costs and machinery breakdowns to name a few.

Trion’s comprehensive range of air cleaners boasts everything from large, heavy-duty industrial units to smaller space-saving ceiling mounted solutions such as the Series 60 electrostatic air cleaner. Ideal for ensuring air quality in rooms up to 27m2, this unit is easily mounted onto a ceiling or a wall and features an ARC suppression power supply and a hard-wired controller for selecting operation and fan speed. For larger rooms, the Series 120 offers all of the same benefits at a much larger capacity.

The Trion T-Series offers a full range of air cleaning solutions of both the standalone and ducted types. The range includes fan-powered models such as T1300 and T5200 which can be suspended, wall or frame-mounted, and can be installed either unducted or ducted. The range also caters for those looking to install an air cleaner as part of a ducted air system, with models T1001 and T2002.

Their extensive product selection also includes electrostatic mist eliminators and oil mist eliminators. Browse Trion’s full air cleaning range here.

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Purchasing from Puravent

Puravent is an official Trion distributor and can supply a large selection of their air quality product range. Trion’s long history and long records ensure that spare parts for the majority of their units are currently in use, and can be identified and supplied.

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