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Frico SWS323


•  48Kw (80/60°C /T15) heating capacity
•  5890m3/hr airflow
•  0.82A
•  62 dB(A)

Product Code: 4972

SWS323 Fan Heater. Basic fan heater for water connection. Fan heater SWS is intended for water-heating and is suitable for places where fan heaters are traditionally used, such as industrial premises, workshops and storage rooms.
SWS is permanently mounted to a wall or the ceiling with brackets that can be ordered separately. The fan motor is connected to a detached terminal box mounted on the wall next to the unit (230V~) or a terminal box which is positioned on the motor itself (400V3~). By turning the fan heater, pipe connections are possible on both sides.
Wide range of controls and accessories.
Water heated units must be supplemented with a valve system. The valve system controls the water flow and activates maximum heat only when needed.

Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery This item is usually stocked overseas and takes about 2-3 weeks to deliver. If in UK deliverable in 3-4 days. Enquire on 01729 824108
Brand Systemair
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty
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