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BM-070 69kw industrial biomass pellet fed space heater

BioMann BM-070 69kw industrial biomass pellet fed space heater
Product Code: 011107001

BioMann biomass heaters are totally self-contained systems which are ideal for space heating industrial type environments. They run on biomass pellets and there are 6 models in the range with nominal heat outputs ranging from 43 to 300 kW. Each system has 5 principle parts;

  • Burner housing and combustion chamber
  • Automatic pellet burner
  • Control panel and burner programmer
  • Pellet screw conveyer
  • Pellet container tank

To consider each part in more detail;

Burner Housing And Combustion Chamber

  • Industrial heater consisting of a combustion chamber with piped exchanger designed to achieve performances higher than 92%.
  • The outer structure is made of galvanised steel furnace-painted with polyester dust. The parts exposed to direct heat are totally insulated by air chambers patented by METMANN or by thick insulating fibres.
  • At the front there is a large access door to the combustion chamber and the heat exchanger to carry out cleaning and inspection tasks.
  • The fan is mounted in the housing to ensure air is drawn through the heat exchanger and out of the top discharger louvers

Pellet Automatic Burner

Pellet fuel is automatically and safely fed into the burner by a screw feed system. Its main characteristics are;

  • Electric coil resistance that ignites the pellet over the combustion tray.
  • A fan ensures that the flame is horizontal shaped similar to the traditional burners.
  • All parts exposed to fire are made in high temperature resistant steel.
  • The flow-dynamics of the burner guarantees a homogeneous mix of fuel-combustion agents with a high combustive result. Because of this, the burner can function with reduced amounts of air.
  • Power regulation may be all-or-none, double stage, or multi-stage, due to its programmer that allows selecting the operation type.

Control Panel And Burner Programmer

The electric panel manages all the equipment functions, including safety functions as well as operative functions. The main features are;

  • ON-OFF switch.
  • Safety thermostat.
  • Electronic programmer with micro-processor.
  • Display to show control mode and error codes.
  • Hot air regulation probe.
  • Pellet in-feed pipe temperature control.
  • Combustion chamber pressure control.
  • Alarm remote signalling outlet.
  • Inter-phase electric connector s panel/burner/heater/power net.
  • Capability to take connection of a time programmer to start and stop the equipment.
  • Safety micro-switch to access the cleaning door.

Pellet Screw Conveyer

The pellet screw conveyer has the following components;

  • High torque motor reducer.
  • Electric wire with connector included.
  • Worm screw
  • Carbon steel tube.
  • Flexible tube to connect with burner.

Pellet Container Tank

The pellet container is designed and made to be attached to either side of the heater. All the parts have been made in galvanised steel sheet and kiln-painted with polyester dust. Its standard capacity is 190kg but a larger capacity container can be attached as an alternative, which is why the pellet tank as priced as a separate item.

Model BM-070
Maximum Nominal Power Kw 69
Maximum Real Power Kw 62.1
Thermal Performance % 90
Maximum Pellet Consumption Kg/H 13.8
Pellet Consumption With Ambient Thermostat Kg/H 9.6
Pellet Tank Capacity Kg 190
Maximum Volume To Heat (@ 0.04 Kw/M3) M3 1,725
Thermal Rise ºC 34
Driven Air Flow m3/hr 4,800
Available Pressure For Driven Air Pa 120
Sound Level (3 Metros) Db (A) 64
Air Fan Motor Power 0.74
Power (Electric Coil/Fan Burner/Wormscrew Motor) W 530
Voltage 230V/1ph/50Hz
Dimension A mm 600
Dimension B mm 1510
Dimension C mm 1981
Dimension D mm 1000
Dimension E mm 603
Dimension F mm 1430
Dimension G mm 1500
Flue outlet mm Ø 150
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery This item is usually stocked overseas and takes about 2 weeks to deliver. If in UK deliverable in 3-4 days. Enquire on 01729 824108
Brand Met Mann
Warranty 1 year warrenty in compliance with ORGALIME S2000
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