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BM-050 43kw industrial biomass pellet fed space heater

BioMann BM-050 43kw industrial biomass pellet fed space heater
Product Code: 011105001

BIO MANN - Industrial heating with granulated biomass 43 to 300 kW

Pellet-operated hot air generators are fully automatic equipment used for heating industrial, agricultural and livestock premises. Its use is more and more frequent thanks to its rapid amortization and the neutral CO2 emissions that contribute to the preservation of the environment. The equipment has a basic equipment designed for the use of granulated fuels, an automatic burner that allows the use of granulated fuel such as pellets, olive pits or almond shells. It also has an automatic ash extraction system to keep the combustion chamber in perfect condition and a smoke extractor to ensure a correct depression in the combustion chamber.

The equipment can be supplied with a fuel tank of 190 or 400 liters with the possibility of applying larger storage systems such as canvas or construction silos. The diffusion of the air can be with rotating outlets or through air ducts.

Technical data

Industrial heater with pellet or olive bone operation of 43 kW of heating power

• Nominal power: 43 kW
• Yield: 90%
• Air flow: 4,000 m3 / h
• Thermal jump: 28 ºC
• Electric power: 0.79 kW
• Electrical voltage: 230V / I / 50Hz
• Smoke output equipment: 80mm
• Chimney diameter to be installed: 120mm
• Dimensions (Width / Depth / Height): 1260/1625 / 1610mm
• Weight: 335 kg

Main features

Its main applications are for the heating of industrial buildings, farms, greenhouses and all kinds of premises that require a fast and efficient heating system.

• Performance greater than 90%.
• Automatic burner with possibility of automatic cleaning.
• Folding door to access the interior of the combustion chamber.
• Automatic ash extraction system.
• Smoke extractor to ensure a correct depression in the combustion chamber.
• Possibility of applying air impulse ducts or duct network.
• Annex deposit of 190 or 400 liters capacity.
• Possibility of applying silos of greater capacity with direct connection or with pneumatic system.
• Equipment with CE certificate.

Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery This item is usually stocked overseas and takes about 2 weeks to deliver. If in UK deliverable in 3-4 days. Enquire on 01729 824108
Brand Met Mann
Warranty 1 year warrenty in compliance with ORGALIME S2000
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