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AirCube 2000 Mobile air cleaner 230V


• Air Volume: 1800m3/hr
• Power: 230V/505W
• HEPA Filter: H13
• Weight: 30kg

Product Code: 102002

TheDC AirCube 2000is a robust air cleaner withECO-fan and a capacity of 1800m3/h. It is also equipped with variable speed transmission to save energy, e.g. at night. It has a 0.7m2 pre-filter and a HEPA H13 microfilter of 10m2 cleaning the air from hazardous particles very effectively (down to0.3 micrometer).A filter indication lamp lits when it´s time to change the filter.

The air exhaust is directed upwards in order to prevent dust to whirl up from the floor.DC AirCube 2000 deg C. an be positioned horizontally flat on the floor, with the exhaust then pointing to the side.With its ergonomic design it is easy to carry and transport. It is also prepared to connect to an exhaust hose without a reduction in performance.

  • Minimizing airborne dustthat is hazardousto your health, e.g. silica dust
  • Good complement to source extraction and suction casings on contruction sites
  • Popular choice in bakeries and wood-working shops topurify the air from health hazardous flour or wood dust
  • Variable speed transmission to save energy, e.g. at night
  • High effectiveECO-fan with less energy consumption
  • Low sound level
  • Washable stainless steel filter housing
  • Filter indication lampthat is lit when it's time to change the filter
  • Trouble-free filter change (cartridge air filter) for easy service


Weight 66 lbs/30 kg
Flow at open outlet 1800m3/h / 1650 m3/h 60 Hz
Pre Filter Area
7.5ft2/ 0,7m2G3
HEPA FilterArea 108ft2/ 10m2
ECO-fan, 230 V 505 W
ECO-fan, 115 V 350 W

Degree of separation
EN 1822-1


Degree of separation
EN 60335-2-69 Class H


Sound level 230 V 60-68 dB(A)

Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Normally 2 - 3 working days. Expect within 5 working days of order
Brand Aircube
Warranty 2 years manufacturers warranty
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