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King K75 Destratification fan for ceiling height up to 8m

Replaced on our website by Eliiturbo model 2000 (Product code-E2M.R-PL)
Product Code: K75
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The K75 helicentrifugal rotor introduces an interesting twist on conventional destratification; rather than the fan delivering a column of air directly to the floor, it works by lifting air from the beneath it and discharging it via its patented helicentrifugal rotor. This creates a 'coanda' air circulation pattern with discharged air returning to low level away from the fan. In some applications where a down draft from a conventional destratification fan can be an issue, the KING unit offers draft free alternative that can be effective over a large area.


Diameter (mm) 680
Height (mm) 500
Weight (kg)  16
Typical Coverage Area (m²) 200
Max Building Height (m)  8
Air Volume Circulated (m³/h)  7500
Noise (dBA)  30
Motor Power Consumption (W)  200
Motor Current (A)  1.7/1.0
Motor Rotational Speed (RPM)  735
Motor Type  1 ph / 3 ph
Power Supply (V) 230 / 415
(Hz)  50
Out of stock
Additional Details
Additional Details
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Brand King
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty