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Multifan is a premium fan brand manufactured by Vostermans Ventilation, specialists in the design and manufacture of industrial axial fans.

Vostermans Ventilation is a family-owned business founded in 1952, and Multifan is one of four names under their umbrella of industrial fan brands.

As a brand in its own right, Multifan is world-renowned for its energy-efficient and reliable solutions that bring cooling airflows to any industrial environment. Many of the Multifan ranges are easily identifiable with their unique red fan blades, crafted with high-tech engineering plastic.

Learn more about the Multifan product ranges below.

Multifan Basket Fans

Designed to generate a powerful and wide-ranging cooling airflow, Multifan basket fans create a wind-chill effect that can lower the apparent temperature in large industrial or agricultural indoor settings.

Ideal for improving the climate inside barns to reduce heat stress on animals and for cooling down buildings during production processes, basket fans are widely applicable across many sectors. To ensure the best air circulation, basket fans are typically mounted from the roof structure of a building. Basket fans are typically installed so that their discharged flow is directed above the level of the occupants. This creates an educted, less intense and refreshing air movement for the occupants.

Multifan basket fans are available in a range of diameters with sizes ranging from 7050 to 48000 m3/hour.

multifan basket fan

Multifan Mobile Fans

For applications where portable cooling is crucial, Multifan mobile fans offer the perfect solution. Ideal for drying damp rooms, extracting dirty air or cooling a room, their range of mobile fans offer flexibility in movement and positioning whilst still providing a high level of performance.

Designed to withstand even the harshest of environments, these mobile fans can be used indoors or outdoors and are suitable for industrial, agricultural or commercial settings.

Multifan mobile fans are available in a range of diameters and styles, from the compact standard mobile fan to the largest Tramontana Fan for heavy-duty applications. The mobile fans by Multifan feature tough moulded plastic casings that ensure that they are arguably the most robust fan of their type in the market.

multifan mobile fan

Multifan Circulation Fans

Designed with energy efficiency at the forefront, Multifan circulation fans enable you to maintain a constant indoor climate whilst minimising energy consumption.

Suitable for a range of applications including industrial, agricultural and greenhouse environments, Multifan circulation fans blow recirculated air horizontally over a long distance. Ideal for use in harsh environments, these fans are composed of corrosion-resistant materials.

Easily installed with a high throw and large effect area, Multifan circulation fans are available in a range of sizes and power outputs. Browse the product range here.


Multifan Tube Mounting Fans

Tube mounted fans can be installed into existing pipes and mounted in vents, suspended horizontally or vertically. These types of fans are typically used for air extraction but can also be used in products such as heaters and humidifiers due to their high-pressure range.

Due to a great deal of flexibility, Multifan tube mounting fans are suitable for a wide range of applications such as livestock buildings and industrial factories.

The range offers diameters up to 92 cm and air flows up to 21,100 m3/h, and also includes belt-driven tube fans for chimneys.


Multifan High Pressure Fans

Designed to perform in harsh environments, Multifan axial high pressure fans can provide a stable pressure range up to 400 Pa and offer increased efficiency in energy.

Built with corrosion-resistant materials and high-tech engineering plastic, these fans are applicable for use in exhaust systems, drying installations or air washers.

Multifan high pressure fans range in diameter from 63cm-92cm. Browse the range here.

multifan high pressure fan

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