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Met Mann

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Met Mann have over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of industrial air conditioning, ventilation and heating products.

The company, based in Spain, has gained a formidable reputation as an authority on evaporative cooling, not only in their native country where the demand for cooling is high but throughout more than 20 countries across the globe.

Met Mann’s heating and cooling solutions combine simple technology with exceptional results, offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Their manufacturing, production and quality management processes are accredited by their ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Learn more about the Met Mann product ranges below.

Met Mann Evaporative Coolers

Met Mann specialises in designing and manufacturing externally installed evaporative coolers, used for cooling fresh air that is ducted into large buildings to displace warm air.

The simple yet innovative technology relies on water, minimising electrical consumption and therefore presenting a more cost-effective solution. Evaporative coolers work to naturally cool the air by sucking in the outside air and passing it through wetted celldek panels. As the air passes through the evaporative cooler water from the panel surface evaporates into the passing air and the cooling that comes from the water's change of state lowers the air temperature.

Puravent can supply a range of models with nine different airflow capacities ranging from 5000m3/hr to 630000m3/hr. The range includes numerous options for materials, controls, mounting stands, ducting and diffusers to suit your application. We can specify and supply a comprehensive kit comprising all these elements, as required.

Some of the models we can supply include:

  • AD SMALL stationary evaporative coolers
  • AD BIG stationary evaporative coolers
  • FRESC MANN industrial mobile evaporative coolers
  • DESIGN commercial mobile evaporative coolers
met mann evaporative cooler

Met Mann Industrial Heating

Met Mann’s heating division boasts an extensive catalogue of industrial heaters. With an emphasis on high performance and efficiency, their range of technologically advanced heating units meets and even exceeds the industry-regulated benchmark of 90% needed to be classified as high-performance systems.

Their range includes biomass space heaters for heating industrial indoor environments, that can be powered by a range of different fuel types. These types of heaters effectively heat air directly and can be operated free-standing with the use of a warm air outlet, or connected to ducting to distribute the warm air into a larger space.

Met Mann’s wood-burning space heaters are ideally suited to large wood processing and wood working facilities that can utilise any waste wood cuttings turning waste into usable heat. These heaters feature a heat exchanger and fan to transfer the heat onto an airflow that can be ducted to wherever it is needed.

Met Mann also produces conventional electric hot air heaters with heat outputs ranging from 1,600W to 7,400W. Ideal for meeting any general heating needs, or for use in applications such as pest control, food dehydration or drying processes.

Some of the models we can supply include:

  • MM oil fired and gas fired cabinet heaters
  • GS oil fired and gas fired wall mounted cabinet heaters
  • MM-H/ W/ CP oil fired and gas fired process heaters
  • TEC oil fired and gas fired ducted temperature lift modules
  • K gas fired suspended unit heaters
  • BIOMANN industrial biomass pellet fired heater
  • ECOPOL industrial biomass heater
met mann wood burning space heater

Purchasing from Puravent

Puravent is an official UK distributor for Met Mann and can supply a wide range of their heating and cooling products. Should you require any assistance, we can source the most suitable solution to meet your exact specifications. Simply get in touch with us to make an enquiry.