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Calculator pressure costs


Enter values in cells below




• If you have it in cfm then multiply your cfm value by 1.7 to get m3/hr


• F8 bag filters pressure drop - typical clean clean to dirty, 160 - 250 Pascals
• F9 compact filters pressure drop - typical clean to dirty, 160 - 350 Pascals
• H10 HEPA filter pressure drop - typical clean to dirty, 250 - 600 Pascals
• 9.8 Pascals = 1 mm wg, & 249 Pascals = 1 inch wg


• For compact type carbons pressure drop between 100 - 150 Pa
• Bonded carbon panels typically 150 - 170 Pa
• Loose granular carbon panels typically 130 Pa


• 8760 hours in a year
• If operating for 5 days a week, excluding public holidays, for 12 hrs/day = 3000 hrs

Pence per Kwh

• Huge variance in what different companies pay.
• Check your last bill to be sure, otherwise put in 10p

(as decimal value, eg 100%=1)

• Would typically be around 60%, so if you don’t have specific information use 0.6

(as decimal value, eg 100%=1)

• Larger motors should be around 90%, so if you don’t have specific information use 0.9




The total average pressure drop over your higher efficiency filters and/or carbon filters is;



This pressure drop is costing in energy alone


per year

It is probable that a Sanuvox in-duct system could break down the biological, chemical and odourous contaminants on this air flow for between 16 and 25% of this running cost


lower energy cost estimate of an equivalent Sanuvox system (16%)


higher energy cost estimate of an equivalent Sanuvox system (25%)


This calculator is provided as a broad based indication of the energy cost of running a filter based air purification, and an indicative cost of running a Sanuvox system as an alternative. It should not be assumed to be absolutely accurate and should not be used as the basis of an actual system design or forecast of cost saving of an actual system. We accept no liability for consequences of the inappropriate use of this calculator, or its results. Actual figures would depend on the proposed system for a particular application and on the exact parameters of that application.

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