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Sanuvox is a global leading manufacturer of air purification products, bringing their innovation and industry-leading expertise to the market since 1995.

Their supreme range of UV air purification products is suitable for both commercial and residential applications and includes mobile air purifiers, in-duct UVC air purifiers, in-room sterilisers, coil cleaners and object purifiers.

From the very early days of using UV light to purify air, the founder of Puravent has been involved and accumulated significant knowledge in this field. In addition to that, we have reviewed various UV base air purification systems and in the course of that work have come to realise that Sanuvox is way ahead of its competitors, in engineering, product design and product quality.

Learn more about the Sanuvox product range below.


Sanuvox UV Air Purifiers

UV air purification is all about UV exposure time and UV light intensity. The design of Sanuvox air purifiers maximises both of these key elements, to ensure that airborne biological aerosols including viruses, spores and bacteria, are deactivated with a very high efficiency that is not equalled by any other brand of single deployment air purifier.

Utilising state-of-the-art ultraviolet disinfection technology, the Sanuvox range of UV air purifiers are capable of treating very large ducted airflows or air flowing through air handling units. Suitable for installation in any building with a ventilation system, their commercial air purifiers can directly treat biological and chemical contaminants in the ducts. 

Their mobile air purifiers are an ideal alternative to ventilation for environments where the installation of an in-duct unit may not be an option. Featuring all of the advantages of Sanuvox’s patented UV technology, they are a cost-effective, portable and energy-efficient solution to ensuring clean, fresh air in any environment.

Proven to improve air quality and reduce odours, mould, bacteria and viruses, Sanuvox’s range of UV air purifiers help to promote a cleaner, fresher working environment with continuous protection against air-borne bacteria, spores and viruses.

Sanuvox also makes UVV systems that can break down chemical airborne contaminants. Used in conjunction with Sanuvox UVC systems. Puravent can supply complete systems for treating chemical problems such as ethylene and workplace odours.

sanuvox mobile air purifier

Purchasing from Puravent

Puravent is an official Sanuvox distributor for the UK market and can supply a wide range of their UV air purification products, including their ‘specified’ Biowall product range.

Using the mathcad modelling program, our team of technical experts can accurately calculate the efficiency of a Sanuvox induct UVC unit in your application. We can help to find the most suitable product for your application, simply get in touch with us to make an enquiry.