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Steam Fan Heaters


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The days when most factories had numerous machines running from pressurised steam produced by huge coal or oil-fired boilers have long gone. Accordingly steam fan heaters are not perhaps as common in the industrial landscape as they have been in the past. There are however still a few applications where piped steam is abundant and the preferred heat delivery mechanism is steam fan heaters. Although we supply different ranges of steam heater, including the Cirrus, it is the Thermoiler range is generally our prefered range.

The Thermoiler range of steam heaters is suitable for these applications and benefits from having not only standard heaters but also ones which can be used in damp or dusty environments. Even ATEX rated steam fan heaters can be supplied for certified explosion rated installations. The heater battery in the Thermolier steam fan heaters are considerably heavier than typically found in LPHW unit heaters and have thicker pipes and headers to handle higher media pressures. The coils are factory tested at pressure to 25 bar, which provides plentiful reassurance that at normal duty pressures of up to about 8 bar that the integrity of the coil is sound. With 16 sizes of Thermolier steam fan heaters to choose from ranging from about 12 to 102 kw (@ 6 bar & 20°C) there is realistic scope for economically heating very large spaces.

The Thermoiler steam fan heaters are available in either horizontal airflow or vertical airflow variants which means that they can be used not only wall mounted but can be hung from the ceiling or roof structure as part of an engineered heater array covering much larger areas with ease.

Thermolier steam fan heater


The Thermolier range also includes water fed fan heaters based on the same principles as the steam fed units, and these are useful where large buildings require an array of heaters and where it each heater needs an output in the range 30 – 70 kw.

We supply both Cirrus and Thermolier steam fans heaters, and although they are not routinely listed on our website, we do welcome enquiries where we can  provide our proposals and quotations.Call us on 01729 824108

Cirrus fan heater has versions that run on steam