industrial wall mounted fan

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Industrial wall mounted fans for temperature regulation in commercial buildings

When the sun gets up the heat gain on industrial and commercial buildings can be spectacular making the building into a 'hot box'. For those with memories of old war films with plots in Far East, the hot box was actually a POW punishment for minor misdemeanors. Without air movement, a thin-walled industrial building can certainly become a punishing environment for staff to work in.

Industrial wall mounted fan

Cyclone 650W wall mounted fan. A 26" Ø oscillating fan that is the benchmark of its class

But the solution that is increasingly being used is industrial wall mounted fans. Put in key positions to blow over production lines or work stations, they can bring welcome relief to staff that would otherwise flake in the heat. Moreover, they are very popular in shops, health clubs and gyms.

When the outside temperature is in the 20's, the temperature inside some buildings can easily reach into the 30's. Although there is not legal minimum or maximum temperature in the work place in the UK, the HSE recommends a range between 13 and 30°C as being comfortable. Most staff, even if office based, will be finding it hard to work in an environment much above 24°C.

Where can industrial wall mounted fans be used?

Wall mounted fans can be used in conjunction with open doors and windows to move air around the building and can, if cleverly placed, induce air movement through the building, bringing cooler outside air in to replace the hot inside air.

In addition to the cooler replacement air people feeling air movement over their skin will feel cooler as evaporation from skin is increased. Although industrial wall mounted fans do not directly cool the air that they move, they do by these above mechanisms have a cooling effect.

Features of industrial wall mounted fans

Irrespective of the application, industrial wall mounted fans should have the following essential features;

  • Safety cage. Hopefully with bar spacing close enough to prevent fingers reaching the blades
  • Head pivot. This means that the fan can be pointed and fixed at the ideal horizontal or downward angle
  • Oscillation. This means that the fan and motor will sweep from side to side.
  • Fix angle. What this means is that the oscillation function can be disengaged if needed . On most wall mounted fans this means that the in order to fix the angle of operation you set the fan going and oscillating, wait for the fan to point where you want it to, then at that moment disengage the oscillation
  • Speeds. Most wall mounted fans have 3 speeds. It is handy to be able to set the speed to the minimum that achieves what you need.

Many people ask about remote controls. Generally these type of fans don't have a remote control, because the theory is that in a work place environment it will be the first thing to get lost or suffer a flat battery. Given that industrial wall mounted fans are typically mounted out of easy reach, the normal fix is to hard wire them to a power supply with a wall switch. This means that you can set the fan to operate in the best way to suit is application ie, angle, oscillation, and speed, and then just operate it as an on/off from a wall mounted switch.

Wall mount fans with remote controls

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Our range of industrial wall mounted fans range from about 18" Ø to 30Ø and are outlined in the video below...

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