Wall-mounted basket fans are a popular choice for creating air movement and ventilation in a variety of spaces.

Wall Mounted Basket Fans


Wall mounted basket fans are a popular choice for creating air movement and ventilation in a variety of spaces.  When the sun gets up, the heat gain on industrial and commercial buildings can be spectacular, making the building into a "hot box".  Althougt fans do not directly cool the air, the circulation of air will make you feel cooler as evaporation from the skin is increased.  Well- placed fans can draw in cooler air from open windows and doors.


HVLS Fans (high volume low speed)

High Volume Low Speed destratification fans (better known as HVLS destratification fans) are able to provide great improvements in working environments, customer environments and  livestock housings, and better operating conditions for many types of machinery. Due to their whisper-quiet operation (<60dBa) the Evel HVLS destratification fans are applicable across a wide range of environments including for example - restaurants, hotel lobbies, large open plan offices, atriums, conferance centres, warehouses, manufacturing environments and livestock buildings.


Misting Fans

A brilliant mobile misting fan for use on warmer days. An ingenious and amazing new product. Cools by passing water over the air creating a cooling sensation. Small water particles evaporate rapidly absorbing heat (600 Calories of heat per gram of water). Very effective and a natural way to cool down process and people (environmentally friendly).

These mobile misting fans have an on board tank and when on and oscillating, they provide a fine cooling mist blown over an area of roughly 50m. Ideal applications include horticultural, sports events, out door shows, events, festivals, equine and livestock.