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Trotec B 500 Professional Humidifier. Air flow 800m3/h. Evaporation rate @ 23 ?C / 24 % RH = 2.5 L/H

Product obsolete (spares may be available) please contact Puravent on 01729 824108 for alternative selection or for replacement parts.
Product Code: B 500 Professional
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The B 500 operates by the evaporation principle. Lime scale and condensation cannot occur, and excessive humidification of the air is impossible. The electronically controlled humidifier is virtually silent in operation. Its particularly quiet radial fan can be controlled manually with four output levels, or fully automatically. An integrated hygrostat, which can be calibrated, regulates the desired humidity. The infrared remote-control ensures safe operation of the humidifier: unauthorised personnel cannot tamper with the settings on the device!

The clearly designed operating display with user-controlled menu provides information about all operating settings such as water level, fan speed and relative humidity. The self-diagnostic system indicates necessary filter replacement and any faults, including error codes. Error messages can also be relayed directly to an external or central alarm system if required by means of an integrated alarm relay. Besides thoroughly moistening the air, the device also cleans and filters the air, removes dust and prevents the build-up of electrostatic charges.

The wireless radio sensor system is able to provide even more accurate and stabile measurements. The battery-powered sensor is simply placed somewhere in the measuring area? where it can go unnoticed ? on a wall or a ceiling, for example ? where it can then carry out regular readings and monitor the humidifier up to a distance of 30 metres The B 500?s plastic housing is antistatic, resistant to acids and alkalis, and is corrosion-resistant and sturdy. Due to the modular design, the individual assemblies can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance without the use of tools ? moving parts are protected behind grilles.

Furthermore the water tanks on the device is fitted with internal baffles and the unit switches off automatically when the tank is empty. The B 500 can also be optionally equipped with a manual or automatic flushing device to reduce salt concentrations and to prevent scaling. There are a number of optional items of equipment for the unit including: UV sterilisation unit, automatic water supply via solenoid valve, water monitor, safety collecting basin, safety pressure hose, safety water sensor, automatic or manual flushing device with flushing pump, activated charcoal cleaning filter set, air hood. Ask us for current price and availability.'
Fan stages4
Water reservoir approx.50
Power input0.125 kW
Input voltage230 V/50 Hz
Weight (empty) approx.24 kg
Sound level (distance 3 m)32 - 44* dB (A)
Dimensions L x W x H365 x 755 x 620
Evaporation rate approx.60 l / 24 h max
Air flow rate max.800 m3/h
Air filterintegrated**
UV lampoptional accessory
RH controlRadio sensor
Suitable for roomsup to approx. 1050m3
Recommended accessoriesWater Fresh Secosan Stick 14
Available colourswhite/light grey/anthracite
Remote controlyes
Out of stock
Additional Details
Additional Details
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Brand Trotec
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty