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Rhino CH3 110v ceramic 2.8 kw radiant heater suited to site use

Product obsolete (spares may be available) please contact Puravent on 01729 824108 for alternative selection or for replacement parts.
Product Code: H02700
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Weighing only 6kg the Heat wave ceramic infrared heater is truly portable. It is also highly efficient, converting more than 96% of energy into warming radiant heat generating up to 3kW of output. As no light is transmitted, the CH3 is ideal for use in close proximity to working personnel.
Portable and lightweight
Rugged construction
Safe, clean efficient heat
Provides specific directional heat
Easy to use'
output1.5 - 3 kw
dimensions370mm long x 340 mm wide x 580mm height
Out of stock
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Normally 2 - 3 working days. Expect within 5 working days of order
Brand Rhino
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty
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