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MCM 350 35000 Btu industrial mobile air conditioner

Product obsolete (spares may be available) please contact Puravent on 01729 824108 for alternative selection or for replacement parts.
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The MCM 350 is an ultra tough british built unit which has already been in regular production for almost 20 years! It is ideal for the industrial, commercial and hire markets. The MCM 350 can be used for general room cooling (such as in a server room), for spot cooling of industrial processes, or for cool air delivery via ducts into enclosed spaces. The MCM350 discharges its cool air through a louvered outlet at the front of the unit. A optional 4 way high pressure air box can be attached to the outlet to enable connection of 4 flexible ducts. The warm exhaust air is expelled through an integral 2.5m duct. and when duct length is combined the unit can handle up to 20m of ducting (from warm air exhaust to cool air outlet).

Also available as an options:  110v version

This unit comes with a 2 year warranty, is designed for long service life and being UK built, there is always knowledge and spare parts to ensure that the unit delivers for years to come.

If this unit is not quite what you are looking for or you would like additional features to enable it to exactly meet your requirements then call us to discuss what you need - 0845 6880112


Output 35000 Btu /10kw
Air Delivery 2000 m3/hr
Running Current less than 11 Amps
Compressor type Rotary
Refrigerant R422a
Condenser Cooling Air cooled
Condensation removal internal removable tank with auto cut out
Exhaust length 2.5m supplied exhaust
Thermostat fitted as stantard
Weight Approx 130 kg
Fan speeds low / medium / high
Dimensions 1170mm high x 815mm wide x 665mm depth
Sound level 69 dBA
Operating range 21°C - 38°C (Higher/lower temp versions abvailable)
Fuse rating 13 Amp
Out of stock
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Dependant on stock availability. Check with us before ordering
Brand MCM
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty
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