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HIR Timer switch 6w 6 kw timer switch for economic heater control

Product obsolete (spares may be available) please contact Puravent on 01729 824108 for alternative selection or for replacement parts.
Product Code: Timer switch 6w
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Our range of time-out switches provides an ideal way of saving energy. The user simply pushes the electronic pushbutton and the heaters are energised via an integral soft-start mechanism. After a preset time, the switch simply turns the heaters off. The time-on is preset inside the unit. Can reduce your annual patio heating bill by hundreds of pounds! It is reliable, easy to install, is maintenance free and can be installed with new heaters or retro-fitted to existing heaters.

Electronic soft-start to prolong lamp life and prevent nuisance tripping of fuses. These units are IP 63 rated i.e. totally waterproof, and are supplied with one inlet and one outlet gland. Can operate multiple heaters up to the total load, e.g. three patio heaters rated at up to 2kW each or 4 patio heaters rated at 1.3kW each. Ideal for commercial outdoor patio areas and smoking shelters.'
Out of stock
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Normally 2 - 3 working days. Expect within 5 working days of order
Brand HIR
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty