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Broughton CR70 - 70litre / day (max) dual voltage dehumidifier. Dehumidification @ 70%RH, 20C = 1.06 L/H

Replaced by CRE800
Product Code: CR70 D/V

The Broughton CR70 dehumidifier has been designed to be compact, highly efficient and easy to service. Powered by a quiet reciprocating compressor, the CR70 has a nominal maximum extraction per day of 70 litres. Designed primarily for the hire trade and fire and flood markets, its performance and compactness ensures popularity in these markets. Quiet in operation, it is ideal for use in occupied dwellings. It has a standard outlet stub for hose to allow connection for a continuous drain.

Fan and coils can be cleaned, defrost can be checked or altered, bolts tightened and dents straightened. The semi-monocoqe body / chassis gives great strength to soak up inevitable knocks in service. The CR70 has wide fin spaced coil blocks help to prevent coil clogging and thus deliver designed performance over longer periods.

The CR70 D/V comes with a single lead and 230v moulded plug, which can be replaced with a 110v plug and the machine reset to 110v. The CR70 D/V has a failsafe system to prevent it being damaged in the event of being connected to the wrong supply voltage without having been switched over


24 hour performance @35°C, 100% R.H = 70.65 litres, @20°C,70%RH =25.5 litres
Dimensions 770mm high x 445mm wide x 470mm deep
Weight 36 kg
Voltage 230v/110v duel voltage priced option
Nominal running current 3.6 A on 230v
Cable length 2.3m
air flow 3000 cfm
Temperature range 5 - 30°c
Compressor Reciprocating type
Refridgerant R134A
Sound level @ 3m : 63dbA
Housing powder coated steel
Handle and casters yes
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery Dependant on stock availability. Check with us before ordering
Brand Broughton
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty