Wall Mounted Fans Guide

Wall mounted fans
Wall Mounted Fans make hot weather more comfortable

Wall Mounted Fans make hot weather more comfortable

Wall mounted fans used to be something of a rarity, however in recent years we have seen the choice of models increase as people come to realise just how useful they are.  When our weather is so notoriously variable even in summer, it is good to have a very cost-effective way of moving air around in a room to provide some relief from sweltering heat when the sun does occasionally come out. 

Wall Mounted Fans –  Applications

We have been selling wall mounted fans now for several years and our customers seem to find that they are  excellent for the following applications;

  • Factories and warehouses,
  • Village halls and community centres
  • Gyms and sports centres
  • Health studios
  • Entertainment venues
  • Shops and stores
  • Production lines where air movement is required for product drying
  • Offices and domestic

Sometimes wall mounted fans are used just to move air within a room but occasionally with carefull positioning, they can be an excellent aid to inducing air flow through a rooms open air and windows. This is useful because often the hottest days are windless and air inside a building will inevitably become hotter than air outside. Using a well placed wall mounted fan to help move air through open doors and windows to bring outside air into the building will be an excellent aid to cooling.

Wall mounted Fans Features

Size. When you are looking into wall mounted fans perhaps the first consideration is size. In other words what size you get has to fit with the room or setting it will be used in and produce sufficient airflow for the room.  Don’t be tempted to skimp on size; better to have a large fan running at slow speed than a small one going at full speed

Build quality. Some wall mounted fans are very light weight construction and although they might be less than half the price of more industrial fans, if they are to be used in any thing more than a domestic or office setting then they will be too prone to being damaged. Although the industrial wall mounted fans are a bit more expensive they, more than make up for the price difference in durability and toughness.

45W wall mounted fans mounting plate

45W wall mounted fan mounting plate

Mounting arrangement. It’s as well to think about what the fan is to be mounted onto and to ensure that the fan is going to have a mounting bracket suitable for your type of wall

Oscillation. Look out not only for the Oscillation function but also that the oscillation can be switched on and off. oscillation in a wall mounted fan is good and helps to move the air over a wide area, however it is also useful to be able to switch off the oscillation at any point in its arc, so that the fan blows in a desired direction.


EH1574 16 chrome wall mounted fans have adjustable head angle

EH1574 16 chrome wall mounted fan has adjustable head angle

Adjustable angle. This is the angle of the fan head to the wall. For most wall mounted fan applications the ideal solution is to have the fan mounted above head height, so that it will not be likely to be knocked and will be less likely tampered with. Mounting at say 2m – 2.4m height also means that it is unlikely that you will want the fan blowing parallel to the floor because that would mean that the flow would miss all but the very tallest people. Being able to adjust the angle of the fan head means you can adjust the angle of the flow of air.

Be aware though, that when the fan is oscillating unless the fan is set to parallel the floor, that  the angle to floor of the air discharge will vary as the fan swings through its arc. It will be pointing closest to the floor in the centre of its arc, and more towards the ceiling at each side of its arc.

EH1574 16 wall mounted fan controls

The EH1574 16″Ø wall mounted fan has both remote control and on board controls

Remote control. Some wall mounted fans have remote controls. Whilst this may be perfectly fancy, it is perhaps more important that your wall mounted fan has a mechanical means of controlling its function as a back up, because lets face it, remote controls invariably get lost or get a flat battery.



45W wall mounted fan manual speed selector

45W wall mounted fan has a manual speed selector

Speeds. Speed control is important, maybe because you don’t need the fan running at full speed, or it blows the papers of your desk or perhaps its too noisy. Generally our advice is to select a fan that is as big as you can reasonably accommodate and to run it at low or medium speed, rather than have a smaller fan that will inevitably need to be running at full speed. This way your wall mounted fan will meet your requirements in a quieter less intrusive way and will last longer.

Timer. Usually only found on domestic models. The idea here is that with a timer it can be used to move air in a bedroom and then automatically switch off theoretically once you have nodded off. 

 Our wall mounted fans range

45W walll mounted fans

45W walll mounted fan. At 18″ Ø our smallest ‘industrial’ wall mounted fan

Cyclone 50W wall mounted fans

50W wall mounted fan. At 20″Ø a slightly larger stablemate for the 45W

Cyclone 650W wall mounted fans

Cyclone 650W is a superb wall mounted fan for larger buildings such as sports centres, factories and like

SWF16WR wall mounted fans

SWF16WR wall mounted fans are good for smaller applications including domestic, office and retail

EH1574 16"Ø wall mounted fans

EH1574 16″Ø is a chrome plated wall mounted fan ideal for office environments

The 750W is a whopping 30" Ø wall mounted fan

The 750W is a whopping 30″ Ø and bigger stablemate to the 650W. It is ideal for larger applications and moves 18000m3/hr

In addition to the 230v models above some of these wall mounted fans have a 110v variant.


Is there anything else to consider about wall mounted fans ?

Well actually yes. In larger buildings and those with higher ceilings and roof lines, heat stratification in winter is a real problem. With clever use these fans can be positioned to induce a circular air flow pattern in the building that will ensure that heat does not stay fixed under the ceiling.  So used in winter these fans will lower your heating costs. for more information on destratification and destratification please visit our destratification page.

Please let us know if you need more details on 110v or 230v wall mounted fans by call on 01729 824108

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