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AD-70-H-100-055 INOX Evaporative Cooler


AD-70-H-100-055 Inox

• AirFlow: 55000m3/hr
• Cooling Panel thickness: 100mm
• Side Outlet
• Stainlees Steel louvers
• Engine Motor: 15kw


Product Code: 15017011150I

The Met Mann AD Big range of evaporative coolers have flow rates ranging from 28000 m³/h up to 63000m³/hr. The AD Big range is manufactured with variety of discharge options (top, bottom or side). Their elevated cooling capacities, as well as their reduced consumption of electricity, allow them to represent an air cooling system that is both economical and ecological, since the cooling element is water. Their fans and water pumps are both efficient and quiet compared to other cooling systems. This equipment is ideal for cooling of commercial, industrial or agricultural facilities.

The Met Mann AD Big ranges are ideal for larger applications including factories and warehousing, where their large size and capacity makes for a easier, neater installation with fewer units required to achieve a given result compared to small units.

These evaporative coolers are made in Spain and are cleverly designed with features to make operation and maintenance easy. Tough components and superior build quality mean that the exterior structure to these coolers is guaranteed for 5 years, with other components being guaranteed for 1 year, and ensure that the AD Big range of evaporative coolers, once installed are cooling assets for the long term.

Some of the manufacturing details include:

  • Rigid structural frame with AISI-316 stainless steel water tray.
  • Corner posts made from AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • High-efficiency cooling panels with RAL 7035 gray protective grills.
  • Fan with RAL 7035 gray anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Protective covering for bearings to prevent oxidation.
  • Solid base with built-in feet to facilitate installation and transport.
  • Automatic drainage system patented by MET MANN.
  • Continuous drainage to avoid concentrated levels of mineral salts.
  • Panels open easily with a half turn of the rotating knobs.
  • Factory installed hydraulic and electrical connections.
  • Optional stainless steel panels and upper cover (Inox version).
  • Upon request, dust filtration system and ATEX fan and motor can be provided


These items are normally ordered with a number of ancillary items as part of a package. Please contact us to discuss your application and its' suitability for evaporative cooling on 01729 824108


Model Airflow(m³/h) Pannels(mm) Pannelefficiency(%) Enginemotor(kW)
AD-70-H-100-055 55000 100 84.5 15
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery This item is normally assembled to order in mainland Europe and delivered direct
Brand Met Mann
Warranty Manufacturers warranty of 5 years on structure and 1 year on other components, effective once the equipment has either been installed by Puravent or installed by others and commissioned by Puravent
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