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AC-3000 3200m3/hr adiabatic cooling module

3200m3/hr adiabatic cooling module for ducting connection
Product Code: 150203000

Met Manns Adibatic cool modules are a versatile component with numerous cooling and humidification uses. They can be used as part of a ducted ventilation system, either to treat inlet air directly, or to cool fresh air and in turn inlet air via a heat exchanger (thereby not effecting the %RH of the inlet air), or by cooling the exhaust air which in turn can cool the inlet air via a heat exchanger. They come in 4 sizes ranging from 2100m3/hr to 8000 m3/hr and can also be a useful component for precooling in AHUs (air handling units), humidification of air in ducting, or cooling in green houses, or for livestock accommodation.

Model 150203000 ACD 3000
Air Flow m?/h 3002
Cooling Panel Thickness mm 100
Cooling Panel Efficiency % 87%
pressure drop over panels Pa 65
Water use L/Hr 19
water capacity L 22
water pressure required bar 1 ÷ 4
Duct Face area mm 800x450
Pump Power W 38
Voltage Pump 230V/I/50Hz
Dimension A mm 917
Dimension B mm 400
Dimension C mm 791
Dimension D mm 641
Dimension E mm 150
Dimension F x G mm 800X450
Weight empty kg 26
Weight with water kg 48
Additional Details
Additional Details
Delivery This item is normally assembled to order in mainland Europe and delivered direct
Brand Met Mann
Warranty Manufacturers warranty of 5 years on structure and 1 year on other components, effective once the equipment has either been installed by Puravent or installed by others and commissioned by Puravent
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