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Industrial Mobile Air Conditioners

These robust industrial mobile air conditioners are for providing cool air in large volumes to large commercial and industrial applications, and for providing spot cooling. 

Much more heavily built and typically with much more capacity that standard mobile air conditioning units, they can come with several duct 'snouts' for delivering cold air to different locations and indeed some of these air conditioners can even have an uprated fan fitted for delivering cold air along 20m of ducting, whilst other options include enhanced low temperature capability.

With capacities in the range from 21000BTU up to about 35000BTU these are ideal heavy weight coolers designed for localised cooling in a large environment or complete cooling in a smaller environment.

Look out for the top brands in the range including, MCM and Fral.  If you have an application for industrial mobile air conditioners that you would like to discuss, call us on 01729 824108

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