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In short... The best range range of stationary dehumidifiers on the market

Calorex have been building dehumidifiers and heat pumps at Maldon in Essex for over 3 decades, and have built up an enviable reputation in that time for excellent refrigerative based machines. We like their range of wall mounted refrigerative dehumidifiers, and are confident that they are excellently built, thoroughly tested and if they do go wrong, are backed up by a ‘no ifs and buts’ warranty. Where applications call for permanent maintenance of low humidity conditions in buildings and rooms, our first instinct is to look to the Calorex range for suitable solutions. With several sizes and each size with numerous options for format, controls, ancillary heating, defrost, and electricity supply, 9 times out of 10 the Calorex range comes up with an ideal solution. Their ranges include;

  • DH series stationary dehumidifiers
  • Portadry seried mobile dehumidifiers

Wall mounted dehumidifiers

Calorex wall mounted dehumidifiers